We serve clients locally and across the country for financial planning and investment management.

The best ways to manage your financial life have changed over the years. If you handle your money the way your parents and grandparents handled theirs, you may fail where they succeeded.

That’s because the financial environment is so different today!

The cost of living has never been higher, while up to a third of our income goes to taxes.

Longer life expectancies mean we run the risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably and being unable to care for aging parents or leave a legacy for our children.

And today, people relocate more often, change jobs more often, have children and grandchildren later in life, and even marry more often.

Over the years, we have found that people don’t tend to make financial mistakes on purpose; it’s just that they didn’t know any better!

While the Internet’s easy access to information has helped to make it possible for individuals to manage their finances independently, the level of investing skills and information that you need can be overwhelming.

And unfortunately, the financial world is filled with con artists, greedy financial institutions, esoteric language, legal rules, and misleading methodologies.

So Beware.

Making financial decisions requires a huge amount of time to research, learn, and keep up with the ever-changing rules of money.

So unless you are a little on the odd side (like we are) and really enjoy this kind of thing, you probably are wondering yourself if you are making smart financial decisions.

That’s where we come in.